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Nick's ERT 64: From Europa to Dubai with Jordan Middleton

Nick joins blogger Jordan Middleton (from Cupcakes and Coasters) to discuss her views on why Europa park isn’t the greatest park in ther world along with memories from her trip to Dubai.  

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Nick talks to illusion designer, mentalist, broadway performer and theme park geek - Chris Cox!

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Nick’s ERT 62: Moving Forward with Arthur Levine:
Nick talks to Arthur Levine from about how parks can recover from the worldwide situation, what positive actions may come out of it and what we’re looking forward to once the parks open again! 
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Nick talks to Shawn Sanbrooke, from Theme Park Worldwide, about the season, the situation and many, many other topics!

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Nick's ERT: Andy Porter and Michelle Hicks: Join Nick as he talks to ride designer Andrew Porter and engineer/project Manager Michelle Hicks about their work on Chessington’s Gruffalo River Adventure, Tiger Rock, Room on the Broom, Gardaland’s Oblivion: The Black Hole and how to get into the themed entertainment industry.  

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TSPP returns to the house of Baxter for 2020. Actually recorded in October 2019, we shoot the $#!+ with our favorite Imagineer and good friend, Tony Baxter! Talk on Harry Potter and the future of Disney (yes…Star Wars). Doug with Brent, Robert and our buddy Bennett Yellin. Enjoy!


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Nick’s ERT: Building Mockery Manor and starting the season. 
Nick is joined by Ryan Nixon to discuss the start of the UK season and what goes in Blackpool to celebrate this event!  Nick also talks to Lawrence Owen and Lindsay Sharman - who are the creatives behind the new wonderful podcast/drama serial set in a creepy theme park called Mockery Manor - that you all should listen to!   Nick and Ryan also talk about future trips and hear Nick get confused between Energylandia, Mirabilandia and Legendia… and what’s making Poland so appealing for any “theme park fan”!  All will be explained in this mysterious (and very British) episode! 
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