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Join host Nick Hutson in this exhilarating episode of Nick Hutson's ERT as he delves into the electrifying world of theme parks with none other than UK-based YouTuber and avid Theme Park Enthusiast, Mike Jeavons.

In this lively conversation, Mike shares his passion for theme parks, recounting his fondest memories and the experiences that have fueled his love for these adrenaline-pumping attractions. Together, Nick and Mike explore the possibilities of a Universal Studios Great Britain, envisioning the magic and excitement it could bring to the UK.

Recorded prior to the opening of Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers, the duo also discusses the anticipation surrounding this much-awaited coaster, speculating on its potential impact on the theme park scene.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Nick and Mike also dive into the viral sensation surrounding the ill-fated Glasgow-based Willy Wonka disaster attraction, dissecting the allure and intrigue behind this unexpected phenomenon.

So, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, insights, and thrilling discussions as Nick Huton and Mike Jeavons take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of theme parks. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this episode promises to leave you exhilarated and craving your next theme park adventure. Tune in now!

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Welcome back to Exclusive Ride Time (ERT) with Nick Huton, where the magic continues in the second part of Nick and Hannah's unforgettable Orlando adventure! Join us as we dive deeper into the excitement and wonder of their theme park escapades and culinary delights.
In this thrilling episode, Nick and Hannah embark on a whirlwind tour through the iconic attractions of Orlando, starting with a hilarious romp through The Simpsons Land at Universal Studios. From indulging in classic treats to encountering beloved characters, their laughter-filled journey through Springfield is nothing short of memorable.
Hold on tight as they brave the heart-pounding thrills of Escape from Gringotts, where Hannah's dream comes true with a surprise encounter with her favorite person ever: the incomparable Helena Bonham Carter. With magical moments around every corner, this ride becomes an instant highlight of their trip.
But the excitement doesn't end there! Nick and Hannah take on the Velocicoaster, experiencing adrenaline-pumping speeds and exhilarating twists and turns that leave them craving more. They also explore the whimsical wonders of Universal's Great Escape and satisfy their sweet cravings at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, indulging in delectable desserts and unique confections.
As their adventure continues, Nick and Hannah venture into EPCOT, where they immerse themselves in the rich cultures of the World Showcase, embark on a thrilling journey with Guardians of the Galaxy, and dine at The Coral Reef, enjoying exquisite with an underwater view.
But the magic doesn't stop there! They also explore the vibrant sights and sounds of the Art Festival, marveling at stunning displays of creativity and talent. And no visit to Orlando would be complete without revisiting Disney Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, where they relive cherished memories and create new ones amidst the enchanting atmosphere.
Join us for this captivating episode as Nick and Hannah share laughter, thrills, and unforgettable moments from their magical Orlando adventure.
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Join us on this enchanting episode of where Nick takes his girlfriend Hannah on an unforgettable journey through the magical world of Orlando's Disney and Universal attractions. With Hannah experiencing America for the very first time, every moment is filled with wonder and excitement.

As Nick guides Hannah through the gates of Walt Disney World, listeners are treated to the joyous reactions of someone experiencing the magic of Cinderella's Castle and thrilling rides like Space Mountain, Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. From exploring the different themed lands to dining at Be Our Guest every moment is captured with delight.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! With Universal Studios Orlando awaiting, Hannah is whisked away into the worlds of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and beyond. Together, Nick and Hannah brave the exhilarating rides, immerse themselves in the captivating shows, and sample the delicious cuisine offered throughout the parks.

Throughout the episode, listeners are invited to share in Hannah's awe and amazement as she experiences the sights, sounds, and tastes of these iconic American destinations. From the magic of meeting beloved characters to the adrenaline rush of soaring through the skies on roller coasters, every experience is a testament to the power of friendship, love, and the universal joy found in these beloved theme parks.

Tune in to this special episode of Nick’s ERT as Nick and Hannah create lasting memories and embark on an adventure filled with laughter, excitement, and the magic of Orlando's most iconic attractions. Whether you're a seasoned theme park enthusiast or dreaming of your own first visit, this episode is sure to inspire and delight!

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The Hype of 2024.   
Nick and friend Adam take a dive into 2024’s new attractions including Nemesis Reborn, Hyperia, Cadbury Dark Ride, Top Thrill 2 and Voltron - whilst also discussing Epic Universe and what else Universal has in store! 
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Nick is joined by Season Pass Fan - Patrick - who’s soon about to embark upon a trip to Sweden and beyond… via London. They talk about what Patrick does for Disneyworld, as well as Nick’s most recent trip to Disneyland Paris.
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Nick is joined by his life long friend Dom to discuss Nick’s trip to Orlando.  Topics tackled include Genie Plus, Rise of the Resistance, Velicoaster, Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike etc etc and much much more!

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Nick talks to John Laflamboy the owner of the Hells Gate Haunted House - out in Chicago! Hear about the house, the history and how he manages this massive indoor and outdoor haunt with over 100 actors! 

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Join Nick, Harrison, Tabitha, Chris, Nikki, Laura, Steve, Jamie as they provide live thoughts on, not only Ride to Happiness, but the park in general.  It’s true.. Europe does do it better - and here’s why! 

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Nick chats to Harrison about his first time at Disneyland Paris and Park Asterix.  How the parks compare? Find out! 

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Nick, Chris, Nikki, Jo and Harrison go to Phantasialand to experience the old classics - such as Taron, Chiapas, River Quest and - new for them - F.L.Y and its surrounding land and hotel! Does it live up to the hype? Find out here! 

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Join Nick, Nikki, Chris and Jamie on their self-titled “podlog” as they discuss all the rides, food, shows, food, hotels, food and the other experiences and other attractions Europa Park has to offer. So - join us from world’s greatest theme park to share our on-the-fly thoughts! Not to be confused with this next episode in this series where we will return to Phantasialand to share their thoughts on FLY… - but that’s another episode altogether!

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Nick talks to scare attraction performer and show captain Cathy about her experience in China, what she thought of the Disney parks out there and Nick also talks about experiencing Port Aventura for the first time! 

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Join Nick, Chris, Nikki and Jamie as they preview attractions opening in the UK and Europe in 2022! 

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***RECORDED IN OCTOBER 2021*** Join Nick and Steven for an audio diary of their day at Disneyland Paris as they discuss the park’s rides, crowds and what it’s like to use the new Premier Access system!
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Park maps are fascinating as they illustrate a park’s moment in its history - so join Nick and Chris as Nick blindly delves into his park map collection to discuss - in no particular order - Thorpe Park Fright Nights, Cadbury World, Warwick Castle, Universal Orlando, Phantasialand, Chessington World of Adventures, Universal Hollwood, Tulley’s ShocktoberFest and Madame Tussauds.   What’s new? What’s changed? Find out! 

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Nick, Chris and Nikki discuss scare mazes that are no longer with us including The Big Top, SubSpecies, Cabin in the Woods, The Sanctuary and many more!

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Join Nick, Chris and Nikki as they share their thoughts on Thorpe Park’s OKTOBERFEST including thoughts on the food, the entertainment and the park atmosphere! Was it the WURST event? No - it was wunderbar! 

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Nick and Chris discuss what rides they miss including Back to the Future and Alien Encounter!  

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Nick talks to Chris and Nikki about their time on board the Disney Magic Cruise Ship and how much of a theme park experience it truly is!

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Join Nick, Chris and Ruby as they discuss a recent trip to Legoland and Chessington to experience their new attractions - Chessington’s Croc Drop and Legoland’s Flight of the Sky Lion.   Why are these so special? Find out! 

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Join Nick, Chris and Nikki as they share their thoughts on The Crystal Maze - an immersive experience based on the wildly popular British TV game show of the same name.  

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Nick talks to friends Chris and Nikki about the UK theme park season that kicks off on April 12th and all the wonderful new things happening this year - plus they share their thoughts on a theme park musical that Nick released earlier this year called Them Park Fan: The Musical.  

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Nick talks to British composer Chris Willis about his journey from a Phd student at Cambridge University to writing music for one of the most hotly anticipated rides of 2019.  Hear how the art of writing for TV is different to that of rides via lots of technical jargon, musicianese and other such geekery!  
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Join Nick, Lee, Chris and Nikki as they discuss Keep The Candle Burning - a collaboration between Nick Hutson Music, Faceless Ventures and Incognito Experiences that lets you download 3 ghost stories to listen to from the “safety” of your own home.

For more information visit

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Nick talks to author Chris Atkinson about his book on the history of Thorpe Park.  Hear about the park’s beginnings, changing attitudes, its radio station, rides and how Warner Brothers were nearly involved…

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Nick’s ERT 70: Andrew Sinclair Harris Interview: Nick talks to ex-imagineer and all around lovely guy - Andy Harris about his work for Hong Kong Disneyland, fixing parks, immersion, audio, rides and everything in-between

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Nick’s ERT 69: Champagne, Chessington and Europa.

Join Nick and Ruby for Nick’s birthday celebrations as they talk about working at Europa park, riding coasters at Chessington and the COVID measures the UK parks are undertaking - all whilst sipping on champagne. 
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Join Nick as he talks to Theme Park World Wide’s Alex Crump!  This free-flowing discussion covers everything from hidden coasters at Phantasialand to Paulton’s Park future as well as reminiscing about Drayton Manor and the American Adventure - to what parks can do to carry on!

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Join Nick as he talks to Lee, Rosie and James (from Faceless Ventures) as they discuss their brand new online experience - The Pandora Network.  We talk about the history of the attraction and what you can expect if you take part! Think X Files meets Miss Marple…

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Nick's ERT 66: Liam Findlay of AromaPrime
Nick talks to Liam Findlay of AromaPrime - one of the world’s leading spell specialist companies.  Hear about the tech used behind smells, what attractions they’ve worked on how theme park fans can take advantage of some of the greatest UK theme park smells.
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Nick talks to Brian Yessian of Yessian music about sound design in parks, what tech lets us do with story telling and what the future holds for the parks’ use of music. 

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Nick's ERT 64: From Europa to Dubai with Jordan Middleton

Nick joins blogger Jordan Middleton (from Cupcakes and Coasters) to discuss her views on why Europa park isn’t the greatest park in ther world along with memories from her trip to Dubai.  

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Nick talks to illusion designer, mentalist, broadway performer and theme park geek - Chris Cox!

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Nick’s ERT 62: Moving Forward with Arthur Levine:
Nick talks to Arthur Levine from about how parks can recover from the worldwide situation, what positive actions may come out of it and what we’re looking forward to once the parks open again! 
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Nick talks to Shawn Sanbrooke, from Theme Park Worldwide, about the season, the situation and many, many other topics!

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Nick's ERT: Andy Porter and Michelle Hicks: Join Nick as he talks to ride designer Andrew Porter and engineer/project Manager Michelle Hicks about their work on Chessington’s Gruffalo River Adventure, Tiger Rock, Room on the Broom, Gardaland’s Oblivion: The Black Hole and how to get into the themed entertainment industry.  

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Nick’s ERT: Building Mockery Manor and starting the season. 
Nick is joined by Ryan Nixon to discuss the start of the UK season and what goes in Blackpool to celebrate this event!  Nick also talks to Lawrence Owen and Lindsay Sharman - who are the creatives behind the new wonderful podcast/drama serial set in a creepy theme park called Mockery Manor - that you all should listen to!   Nick and Ryan also talk about future trips and hear Nick get confused between Energylandia, Mirabilandia and Legendia… and what’s making Poland so appealing for any “theme park fan”!  All will be explained in this mysterious (and very British) episode! 
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“Nick’s ERT: Harry Potter, the Cursed Child and Studio Tour.  
Join Nick, Ruby and Julian as they delve into 2 London Harry Potter “attractions”.  Whilst not strictly theme park based - they share a lot of their presentation with theme parks… we explore why - and why Harry Potter continues to inspire the theme park world with its story telling and magic”
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Nick’s ERT: The Decade of the Dark Ride. 
Nick joins theme park creative Julian Sylva to discuss the top 10 dark rides of the last decade.  Our thanks go to BLOOLoop for the list! 
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Nick’s ERT: Rise of the Californian Road Trip.
Join Nick and Adam (from ThemePark World Tour) as they share their thoughts on each of their own highlights from their Californian trip inducing Six Flags and Halloween Horror Nights plus Adam’s first ever Disney trip as well as BLOOLOOPLive that Nick was invited to!  Nick talks to Robert about Rise of the Resistance and then Ryan (from The Inevitable Theme Park Podcast) about Ghost Stories - now playing in London’s West End. 
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Nick’s ERT 55: Liseberg with CEO Andreas Andersen
Join Nick and friends as they talk to Andreas Andersen of Liseberg (and now Tivoli) management as he talks about his time at the park, the future and what makes it such a unique place.  Then hear Nick’s (and others’) thoughts on the park!  Does Nick have a new favourite rollercoaster in the world?  
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Nick's ERT: Being Immersed in Immersion.

Immersion is everywhere. We have immersive experiences, immersive dining experience and immersive theatre. It's certainly a buzzword of our modern times - but is it just a throwaway term now?

Nick talks to Ryan Nixon - of the Inevitable Theme Park Podcast - and discusses, among many other things, what truly defines immersion in the world of theme parks and beyond.

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Escape rooms are a phenomenon around the world. In this very special episode - Nick and others delve into escape rooms, featuring interviews and reviews. Nick, Lee and others check out Sherlock - The Game Is Now - a MASSIVE escape room in West London (from the creators of Time Run) and we also talk to Nick Moran - the game director for The Game is Now. Nick and Ryan Nixon discuss Jungle Escape - Thorpe Park's new escape room for the summer and then Nick sits down with MaryAnn Wright - who runs an Escape Room website - and they talk about AIMEscape's Psychopath's Den - which they recently experienced. Good luck working your way out of this one!

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Nick joins UK magic and theatrical legend Andy Nyman - along with his son Preston Nyman, to discuss Ghost Stories - the immersive horror play playing in London and how it found its roots within theme park storytelling, their love for Disney, horror and illusion. Lee and Nick also share their thoughts on the play.

Join Nick Hutson and Theme Park Worldwide’s Shawn Sanbrooke as they talk about trips, rides and plans for 2019. Expect Star Wars, Europe and Shawn’s massive road-trip plans! Alton Towers Dungeon, Legoland, Oakwood, Dollywood, Room on the Broom are all discussed!

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 In two discussions - Nick talks to Jason Ginsburg and his hilarious alter-ego - Murph Gantly - about some pretty fun expansion plans and then Nick sat down with Jordan (from CupcakesandCoasters) and Adam (from ThemeParkWorldTour) to discuss anything and everything from coaster counts, to Star Wars, from 2018 to… 2019.  

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Halloween-fest 2018 (Part One): Tulley’s, xTreme Scream, Broadwitch Farm and Screamfest Burton!  Join Nick, Lee, Jess and Dan as they discuss various scare attractions experienced this halloween around the UK including Broadwitch Hauntfest, Tulley’s Shocktober Fest, Screamfest Burton and xTreme Scream!  

Direct download: ERT_49_Halloween_Fest_2018.mp3
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Nick sits down with seasoned scare experts - Dan and Jess Brownlie to discuss the mazes and scare zones that Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights will be offering. Are Universal starting to pacify the event; will Stranger Things actually be scary… just strange? How many puns can Nick come up with in one episode? Find out!

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Join Nick as he talks to Kevin Perjurer - creator of the YouTube channel - Defunctland.  They discuss the channel, the parks in general and his new book - Defunctland: Guide to the Magic Kingdom.  

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Nick welcomes back Jordan Middleton to the show as she shares her Chinese trip experience - featuring talk on Disneyland Shanghai and Hong Kong, and many other interesting and fab Chinese parks - including tips for people doing the trip and some interesting observations about the culture and what Jordan’s top rides of the trip were! 
Direct download: Nick_ERT_46-_The_Mystic_Manners_and_Points_of_China.mp3
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Nick sits down with Jordan Christine (from who shares her thoughts on what 2018 holds along with a couple of highlights from 2017.  Hear talk about a massive China road trip, Halloween, Wicker Man, Tiger Rock, Star Wars, Japan, Pandora, Efteling, Phantasialand, Blackpool’s Wild Mouse and Icon and lots lots more! 

Direct download: Nick_s_ERT_44-_Nick_and_Jordan.mp3
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Join Nick as he shares his thoughts on visit Efteling, Phantasialand, Movie Park Germany and Blackpool back from August of 2017.  Nick joins podcast fan Denis from the Netherlands as they talk Symbolica, Taron, Chiapas, Raveleijn, Star Trek and crazy german fun fairs!  Then Nick is joined by Lee and they make their way back to Blackpool to check out The Haunted Crypt as well as sharing their thoughts on Pasaje Del Terror and Blackpool during a blazing hot bank holiday weekend!

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Nick sits down with Robert to share his thoughts on a wide variety of topics including the new dark rides Ninjago (at Legoland) and Gruffalo (at Chessington).   Nick also chats to YouTuber The Carpetbagger (AKA Jacob) about the weirder side of the US’ Roadside attractions!  Finally Nick and Robert share their thoughts on Trader Vic’s and other Tiki bars! 


Direct download: Nicks_ERT_41.mp3
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Join Nick with Robert and other friends as they discuss Nick’s first real trip to Disneyland Paris - and hear an audio diary from the park, also hear from Dominic McChesney as he, with Nick, discusses Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon!  Finally hear from Ryan - who’s a big fan of The Season Pass - as he shares his thoughts on Madame Tussauds in London.  It’s a whirlwind of an episode!

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Nick's ERT #39: Nick and Tim's Tracking of Orlando's 2017 and beyond...

Nick and Tim’s Tracking of 2017:  Tim Tracker joins Nick to look into 2017… expect discussions on Volcano Bay, MagicBand 2, Mario, Avatar and Jimmy Fallon!  Plus they re-visit Knotts-Scary Farm as well as discuss Legoland Florida and a possible European trip…


Direct download: ERT_39-_Tim_Tracker_Returns.mp3
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Nick's ERT #38- Time Run London: The Celestial Chain

Join Nick and a few friends as they head to experience the biggest escape room in the UK - Time Run: The Celestial Chain.  Will they survive this multimedia filled, effects ridden, puzzle based, time travelling, mild-terror promising escape room? Of course they will! But is it actually an escape room? Listen to find out more!

Direct download: TimeRun--ERT.mp3
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Nick's ERT 37- Creating Planet Coaster!

Nick chats with Bo and Zac from Frontier - the developers behind the hugely successful (and downright gorgeous) - Planet Coaster.  Hear how the game has broken new ground, stories from behind the scenes and how Planet Coaster is now a recognisable brand with its own food, music and characters! This game has been shaking up the theme park game design genre… and it’s easy to see why from any game footage you see! And it’s only been released for a week! 


Planet Coaster Website


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Nick's ERT #36- 139 Copeland Road Interview

The scare-season continues apace here in London as we talk to the cast and crew behind 139 Copeland Road - an immersive horror attraction that’s now playing at… 139 Copeland Road in London until the end of November.  Hear a bit about it in this fun interview that Nick did!

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Nick's ERT #35- Southern Californian Magic Mountains, Magic Castles, Dark Harbours, Horror Nights and Disney!
Join Nick as he shares his Southern Californian trip with Robert Coker that he took in early October!  He and Robert did Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Escape Room LA along with amazing exclusives such as The Magic Castle and Club 33.  As if that’s not enough - they also share their thoughts on the halloween activities including Dark Harbour, Halloween Horror Nights and Six Flags Fright Fest.  Enjoy over three hours of amusing discussions from Nick and friends! 


Direct download: ERT_35-_A_Totally_Bodacious_SoCal_ERT_Trip_Report.mp3
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Nick’s ERT 34- The SoCal Trip Begins (Disneyland Talk with Robert Coker and Seth Kubersky)

Join Nick as he has a pre-trip discussion with Robert Coker from and Seth Kubersky from as they discuss everything from guiding a newbie through Disneyland for the first time to tackling Halloween Horror Nights. This is the first part of a series where Nick, Robert and others will share their thoughts on SoCal in the beginning of the haunt season! 

Direct download: Nicks_ERT_The_Trip_Begins.mp3
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Nick's ERT #33: Derren Brown's Ghost Train Media Night (with Spoilers)
Nick’s ERT: Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Media Night (With Spoilers)
Join Nick and friends (Keiron, Joss, Bob, Jon and many others) as they are let loose at the opening of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park Resort.  This attraction has been three years in the making with over 1000 professionals involved.  It features virtual reality from HTC Vive and Figment; Ride motion from Intamin and SimWorx,   We delve deep into the tech aspects as well as the actor logistics involved in running such a complicated attraction.  It does, however, delve very deep into the what happens inside the building - so if you’re planning a trip to Thorpe to ride… don’t delve too far into this episode!
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Nick's ERT #32 - The Return of Shawn Sanbrooke

Join nick and Shawn as they discuss the year's theme park progress, with everything from Derren Brown's ghost train hype, Pandamonium at Chessington (which Nick scored the music for - because Nick does theme park audio) as well as talk of future trips for Nick and Shawn. 

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Nick Hutson's ERT #31: Creating Scarefest 2015 with Pete Cliff from Alton Towers

Join Nick as he sits down with Pete Cliff - the entertainments creative manager at the Alton Towers Resort - as he discusses how he and Nick created Scarefest (with Nick composing), what the mazes entailed and what the future may hold.   A bit of halloween in Spring always goes down well!   You’ll also hear a preview of a new song Pete and Nick have created for the Splash Landings hotel! 

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Nick Hutson and Robert Coker discuss the ERT (European Road Trip) that took place in August.  Join them for a three hour mega discussion! In a space of 7 days Nick and Robert visited 12 attractions across three different countries! They were, in no particular order, Madame Tussauds, Shrek's Adventure, Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, The London Eye, Sea Life London. The London Dungeon, Brighton Pier, Efteling and Bobbejaanland! 

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Nick's ERT #29- Fear with Lee Conway!

Lee Conway, now from the New Ferquent Fear Podcast,  returns to Nick Hutson's ERT for a graeat talk on UK Theme Parks and Halloween.

Check out Lee and Lee's new podcast FREQUENT FEAR at

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Nick's ERT #28: Shrek's Adventure - London

Nick shares his thoughts with friend James Allgood on their experience making their way through this new multi-million pound attraction now open on London's Embankment (Merlinbankment).  

Nick also talks to Robert about an upcoming trip... 

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Nick’s ERT #27- Creating, Scoring and Branding GHOSTBUSTERS Los Cazafantasmas: La Aventura Láser with Lynton V Harris

Nick Hutson sits down with CEO of Sudden Impact Entertainment Lynton Harris, and Worldwide Attraction Director Dominic McChesney to discuss the new Ghostbusters attraction they’ve created that’s now in Six Flags Mexico.  Nick’s personal involvement with the attraction is that of the composer - so the three of them get to share their thoughts on the creative process involved with the attraction.

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Nick's ERT #26: The Trackers Return!

Tim and Jenn Tracker are back for antoher chat with Nick Hutson!

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NIck's ERT #25- Jordan on UK Coasting

Jordan explains her roller coaster mission with Nick Hutson. Also, discussion on wooden coaster rumors in the UK, the dark ride coming to Thorpe Park, and more. Coaster-Boys...Meet your Match! 

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Nick's ERT #24- I'm a Theme Park Celebrity! Get me in there!

Nick and Matt review Thorpe Park's new "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" maze, discuss whatever Thorpe Park have planned for 2016, the drop ride at the London Dungeon and much, much more!’

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Nick's ERT #23- The Numbers 2014 & 2015

Nick Hutrson and Matthew Summers of discuss Disneyland Paris, Thorpe Park, the upcoming attractions of 2015, and much more!

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Nick's ERT #22- The Universal Trackers

Nick’s ERT: Nick and The Universal Trackers.  

Join Nick as he sits with Tim and Jenn Tracker (from to discuss his trip to Universal (with a bit of Disney thrown in for good measure!).  
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Nick's ERT 21: A Journey from Summers to Halloweens at THORPE PARK

Nick joins Season Pass Holder Matthew Summers to guide him through his first scare maze event - at Thorpe Park's Fright Nights. They also spend the easier part of the day doing Legoland (for the first time) and Chessington World of Adventures. We also feature an interview with Sean Coogan, who's Thorpe Park's live entertainments manager. Closing out the episode is a discussion with Lee Conway, Nick and Matt. Along with many other fun surprises down the dark path of the Thorpe Park movie studios. Enjoy!’


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Nick's ERT #20- Potter at Universal from a British Point of View!

Nick Hutson is joined by Lee Conway and Lee Mallaby (Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast) to discuss Harry Potter at Universal Orlando...They're all British!  Also Disney parks and the "Theme Park War" in Florida.

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Nick's ERT #19 - 2014!!

Another ERT for all you.  Get ready for 2014.

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Nick's ERT #18- Mystic Manor/London Dungeon...Through Female Eyes!

Nick Hutson is joined by Actress and London Dungeon host, Amy Larcombe.  Amy discusses her love for Disney, a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland (mainly concerning Mystic Manor), and the experience of a London Dungeon cast member, plus moving to a new location.  Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #16- The Europa Park Review!

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Nick Hutson is joined by Lee and Robert to review Lee's Trip to Europa Park! Tons of coasters, tons of dark rides, tons of classic amusement park rides...PLUS...Disney Park knock-offs? ;)  Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #15- Thorpe Park: Fright Nights Review!

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Nick Hutson is joined by Lee Conway and Michael Bolton to discuss Thorpe Park's Fright Nights.  Big review of the UK's biggest Halloween Theme Park Event! ;) Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #14- The Alton Towers Review!

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Nick Hutson is joined by Lee to review their Alton Towers trip! Includes a BIG " The Smiler" REVIEW!  Nemesis: Sub-Terror spoilers a half hour in... You've been warned. ;) Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #13- The Blackpool Pleasure Beach Review

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Nick Hutson is joined by Lee to review their Blackpool Pleasure Beach trip! Tons of coasters, tons of dark rides, tons of classic amusement park charm!  Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #12-Robert Coker Joins Nick for the Smiler & 2013 New Rides!

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Nick Hutson is joined by Robert Coker of and The Season Pass Podcast, to discuss Alton Tower’s The Smiler, Universal Studios Orlando’s Simpsons, Harry Potter, London Dungeon with TSPP listener and ticket winner Lee, and more new attractions of 2013.

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Nick's ERT #11- Collins Returns for Theme Park Dreamin'!

ERT #11: "It all comes back to California". Nick talks with Mike Collins of CoasterRadio on a manner of topics including Nick's looming epic-so-cal tip, the new London Dungeon, dream dark rides and much more in this bumper fun 2013 New Year ERT!"

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Nick's ERT #10 -Spoiler-Filled 2012 Summer Talk w/ Doug Barnes

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Nick Hutson returns with another ERT Episode.  Doug Barnes joins Nick for a SPOILER-FILLED 2012 Summer ride preview/review!  Cars, Transformers, Underground Alien Monsters... A ton!! We’re slapping a PG-13 rating tag on this one. ;) Enjoy!

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Nick's ERT #9- 2011 Wrap-Up Xmas Special.

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Arthur Levine (The Theme Parks Guide for, Mike Collins (Host of & Doug Barnes (Season Pass Podcast) Join Nick to discuss favorite moments of 2011. ;)

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Nick's ERT #8 w/ Mike Collins of of the UK & Europe!
Nick and Mike discuss European Parks (Wiener Prater in Vienna, Thorpe and Chessington), Rock of Ages (new musical), Ghost (new musical), Avatar (boring film) and lots of other fun stuff!

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Nick's ERT #7 - w/Mike of Alton Towers Review!

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Join Nick Hutson and Mike Collins for as they review Nick's 2011 Alton Towers Trip.  Also a refresh on Theme Park Change which ends on April 30th... Donate Now. ;)  


Theme Park Change

Alton Towers


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Nick Hutson is back with another Season Pass ERT!!  It's Halloween in the US and in the UK!!  Enjoy this October Spooktacular ERT Special.

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Nick's ERT # 5 - Nick & EB from Coaster Radio  10/10/10

Nick Hutson's ERT is back with special guest EB from  Nick & EB discuss the Holiday World Fan contest (which EB's son won!), how online marketing is changing theme parks and what technology is doing for park management.  They also go off-topic - and talk to Hagrid - as well as share their hatred for Halloween house walk-throughs!  ERT Makes a return!! Enjoy.




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ERT #4 - Nick and Doug discuss Dickens' World, Th13teen, Intimidator and more.  Plus Nick gives us a special audio through the intense walk-through attraction Scream!


WARNING: There is some subjective language in the walkthrough segment.

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Here it is... As requested by hundreds of Season Pass Podcast listeners... NICK HUTSON'S COASTER BOY: THE MUSICAL!

Thank Nick & let him know what you think by emailing him at

Thanks to Mike and the crew at

Call the Hotline!!! - (916) 622-0607



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In the second episode of Nick's Season Pass ERT he joins, Nick-fan, TPA's Rick West to discuss everything under the never-setting theme park sun.  They talk about a DisneySea Documentary, Murphy the Dragon, question as to how Disney would run an airline and horror mazes and many things in-between.  Nick also reads out some listener emails he was kindly sent after pleading on the twitter feed for companionship.  


Contact Nick by email:



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Nick's Season Pass ERT # 1- Nick and Pat Review Halloween Horror Nights 10/31/09

Join Nick Hutson as he hosts his All New Podcast for The Season Pass!! Pat McCabe (A Walk in the Park/In the Loop) joins Nick to discuss the horrific details of Universal Studios Florida's 2009 Halloween Horror Nights. Enjoy!

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Nick's Passholder Bonus #1 - Star Tours 2 & Fantasyland from D23

Nick Hutson hosts a bonus episode for all you Season Pass Holders out there.  Nick and Doug Barnes discuss the Disney Attraction News breaking from the D23 Expo.

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